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Ursa Diamond with Twigi and Scandal 35Gate,(2)16Gates, extra rollers, 1 slide gate, fully inspected by Cintel.
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Cintel Ursa 4:2:2 Telecine Suite, Turnkey :
Cintel Ursa 4:2:2 Flying Spot Telecine with TWIGI, Davinci Reniassance 8:8:8 color correction, Digital Vision DVNR 1000 Noise Reducer, and all necessary cables, adapters, etc... Everything you need for a full Telecine Suite is Included. View Pics
Thomson Spirit SDC 2002 :
-Creativity Package
-Filter Kit
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Thomson Spirit SDC 2000:
-Creativity Package
-35 & 16 Gate
Cintel YFront Telecine:
-Standard Definition
-Scandal Board
-Full blown TWIGI
-Meta Speed
-All New PMT's
-S35, S16, RS/8 Gates View Pics
Cintel DSX Telecine:
-High Definition/Standard Definition
-4K Tube plus Gates
-35mm/16mm View Pics