Film Scanners and Recorders on sale
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Kodak Cineon Genesis Plus:
With 35mm and Vistavision gate. Scanning up to 4k and 6k, with Octane and a Storm.
Celco Nitro Film Recorder:
Celco Extreme MPX Film Recorder:
Solitaire Cine III Film Scanner:
Solitaire Cine IV Film Scanner:

Quantel Domino 4x4 Turnkey system:
1999 Quantel Domino 4x4 System w/ Input Scaner: Film Recorder, Film Scanner (Oxberry Inside), Solitaire Cine III Oxberry, Drawing Board, Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 Workstation, Silicon Graphics 20" monitor, Compaq Proliant 3000 PII 300 PC, Dell 14" color monitor, Quantum 10/20 DLT Tape Drive, APS External Drive, APC 1250 UPS Line R Backup, APC 650 Backup.